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Favorite Chairs

Chairs that Promote Sacral Support for Sit-Bone Sitting

BackUp Chair


ComfortMove Chair


BQE Ergonomics has created a line of customizable chairs that promote sitting on the sit bone to reduce lumbar strain and improve posture. The BackUP and the ComfortMove are my go-to’s for in-office and home recommendations. The BackUp is a great chair for those dealing with hip pain associated with the sitting position. Other chairs available are recommended depending on individual need. 

10% Discount Code: KHDC10

Versatile Sit-to-Stand Chair that Promotes Sacral Support for Sit-Bone Sitting and Frequent Posture Changes

LeanRite Elite Chair


ErgoImpact has created the ultimate sit to stand chair with sacral support and versatility to support multiple positions: Standing, variable height sitting, perching, and forward and backward leaning. It has been proven to reduce back pain in many uses and increase frequency of position change on a daily basis. It has a built in anti-fatigue mat and optional accessories to make your experience even more comfortable. 

$30 Discount Code: HEALTHY$30

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