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If you wouldn’t settle for the sleep quality an unsuitable mattress may give, why would you put up with a workspace that may cause you pain?

What We Offer

Individual ergo & wellness
Individual Ergo & Wellness
Corporate ergo
Corporate Ergo & Wellness
Public Speaking
Office with a View

Individual Ergo & Wellness

Personalized assessment of musculoskeletal risk, ergonomic adjustments, and lifestyle enhancements are a great way to actively contribute to your general wellbeing.

Corporate Ergo & Wellness

Services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively to create customized ergonomic and wellness trainings, work-station modifications, and directives to improve employee health and body awareness.

Open Workspace

Public Speaker

Experienced public speaker, physical therapist, and ergonomic specialist that lectures and demos nationally about injury prevention, wellness activities, mindset, and ergonomics.


Krys  Hines


Since 2015, I’ve been providing ergonomic consulting services to clients from California to the Carolinas. As a licensed orthopedic physical therapist with multiple additional certificates, quality of life and wellness are a top priority in how I choose to provide care and services. The rise of the remote working environment highlighted for me the negative effects of a person fitting themselves into an established environment. Within one year of the pandemic, I was treating multiple clients with exacerbation, or new onset of gradual low back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain. I could always link this back to inactivity and prolonged posture in suboptimal positioning on the couch, at a desk, or at the kitchen table.

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My goal is to support workers who sit a lot to customize their workspace to fit their own bodies and promote activities that reduce muscle imbalance created by how they do their work. I’ll work with you or your organization to create a customized plan of action to reduce musculoskeletal risk.

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